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Home Seller Checklist

It is important to identify problems that typically appear on buyers' home inspection report. Early correction of these problems can increase a home's appeal, and its selling price. It also sets the stage for a favorable home inspection report for the buyer, and thereby helps to expedite the sale. The following 6-point checklist can help you achieve these marketing goals:


After size, style, and location, a home buyer's primary concern is the condition of the home's basic structure and major electrical and mechanical systems. Most buyers do not want to invest a great deal of money correcting problems in such critical areas.

A pre-listing home inspection can reveal problems, and include recommendations for repairs, if needed, on the following major items:

bullet Roof structure and covering
bullet Foundation, basement, and/or crawl space.
bullet Central heating and air conditioning systems.
bullet Electrical system.
bullet Plumbing system.


A number of maintenance improvements are relatively easy and inexpensive to make, yet they can substantially improve a home's appearance, efficiency and comfort. A professional home inspector may make helpful maintenance suggestions, such as:

bullet Trim trees and shrubs which touch or over-hang the house.
bullet Apply new caulking and weather-stripping as needed around windows and doors.
bullet Clean gutters of debris and leaves; repair or replace cracked or broken gutters, downspouts and extensions to ensure proper drainage.
bullet Replace bathroom caulk or grouting where necessary to prevent seepage and improve appearance.
bullet Ventilate closed basements and crawl spaces, or install a dehumidifier, to prevent excessive moisture build-up.
bullet Re-grade soil around the foundation, as needed, to keep water away from the house.
bullet Replace dirty filters in the heating and air conditioning systems.
bullet Have the heating and air-conditioning systems professionally serviced.
bullet Have chimneys professionally cleaned, and install chimney hoods or caps as needed.


Fixing even minor items can go along way toward improving that important first impression of your home. Here are some typical improvements which might be suggested by the home inspector's findings;

bullet Repair leaking faucets
bullet Tighten loose doorknobs
bullet Replace damaged screens
bullet Replace broken panes of glass
bullet Replaced burned out light bulbs
bullet Secure loose railings
bullet Repair and coat driveway
bullet Patch holes or cracks in walls and ceiling, then repaint
bullet Repair peeling wallpaper


Home inspectors also pay attention to items relating to protecting the home and its occupants from danger. They can alert you to important safety precautions which home buyers will appreciate, such as:

bullet Installing smoke detectors on each level
bullet Installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) in "wet" areas, such as bathrooms, exterior outlets, and near kitchen countertops.
bullet Keeping flammable products away from heaters water heaters and fireplaces.


An attractive, clean and neat appearance will enhance your homes appeal. In addition to making repairs such as those listed above, remember to:

bullet Keep the lawn mowed and the house picked up
bullet Clean the exterior walls and trim; repaint if necessary
bullet Open window shades and curtains to create a bright, inviting atmosphere.
bullet Keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean, since buyers scrutinize these areas


It is a good idea to assemble in advanced various house records that can be used to answer questions from buyers and home inspectors. Specifically, you should have on hand:

bullet Appliance receipts, service records and warranties
bullet Information on the age of major components such as the heater, air conditioner, and roof
bullet Major component warranties (e.g. carpeting, siding, roof shingles)
bullet Heating, water and electric bills from the last year.

In addition keep basement, attic and garage areas clear and uncluttered to give buyers and inspectors access to the heating system, electrical equipment, and visible structure


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