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Selling Tips

If You Plan To Sell Your San Diego Home This Summer - Get Busy Now!

The hottest home-selling time of the year is coming soon. Prime selling season comes in the spring and especially summer, when the kids are out of school. If you plan to sell your home when competition is greatest, it's never too soon to prepare. Start by covering these areas: 


o Replace cracked windows and torn screens. Don't let your house be shown with the equivalent of a black eye.


o Fix cracks in the driveway and entry walkway, and clean up stains. If the driveway requires major repair, it may be preferable to offer the buyer an allowance for the work.

o Paint the exterior. Touch up peeling paint, window frames, porches, and shutters. Repaint the entire exterior if it is drab or peeling.


o Replace broken gutters or missing downspouts. Good drainage is key to passing a home inspection.

o Replace or fix broken stairs. It's a matter of both safety and aesthetics.

o Reseal the deck and repair broken boards. A new coat of sealer can spruce up a fading deck.

o Repair the roof. Replace shingles and tack down loose flashing. If the

roof is old, you may want to replace it and adjust your sales price accordingly. 


o Fix or replace damaged flooring, such as torn linoleum or cracked tiles. If you can't afford to replace damaged or worn floors, consider offering the buyer an allowance for renovation.

o Fix any drains, faucets, or plumbing fixtures that aren't operating. Fixes can range from replacing a faucet washer to buying a new toilet.

o Paint the interior. Fill and paint any cracks or holes in the walls. (You may need to repaint entire walls to mask such repairs.)

o Replace burned-out bulbs and broken electrical sockets. Most agents will want you to turn on all the lights before a showing.

o Replace or fix broken stairs. Fix any creaks as well.

o Replace old locks and doorknobs. Make it easy for a buyer to walk in.

o Fix any doors that don't open easily, including the garage door. If your garage door opener doesn't work, repair or replace it. 

Schools and Their Influence on Property Values

Homes located within the jurisdiction of good school districts tend to have higher property values while declining schools can actually hurt them. Here are four ways to tell if area schools are in trouble:

LOCAL TEST SCORES LOW OR DROPPING - Poor test scores may indicate, resource shortages, poor teachers, a lack of commitment by the school district, low parental involvement or neighborhood instability. Ask local residents or the district's head of school testing about the reason(s).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT DROPPING - Fewer families are moving into the neighborhood or parents are choosing schools outside the neighborhood. Ask your agent & local residents why.


POORLY MAINTAINED OR VANDALIZED BUILDINGS - Poor upkeep may indicate funding shortages and low parental involvement. Talk to the principal to find out more.


TROUBLES AT PTA MEETINGS - Friction between parents or between parents and the school's teachers or management may indicate serious problems. Find out what the issues are, such as funding shortages, teacher quality, curriculum choices or security.



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